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Wynne Jordan, MA, D.F.Astrol.S.
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Feedback on Astrology Readings

"Dear Wynne, My heartfelt thanks for the fascinating session and discussion today. Your insight is amazing and you offered things that were confirming and challenging and quite thought provoking. You have a wonderful way of expressing all of the levels and aspects of this immensely complex system - a cosmological and intimate grasp - the parts and the whole."
- SB, Nova Scotia

"Wynne presents complex material in a clear fashion and this has opened up ways of thinking about my life and the world that I've found very enriching. I've received not only a birth chart reading from Wynne but also yearly updates because I've found them to be so helpful. I highly recommend her."
- S., psychologist

"When I'm so caught up in the daily grind, a reading with Wynne reminds me that my life is part of something much bigger. In her gentle way she helps me chart a path through this one life with more meaning and connection. "
- Pat Kipping, Halifax

"Having early chart readings from Wynne for my two children was invaluable. It gave me a perspective on how differently they might respond to the challenges of growing up and how I should adjust my parenting style to respect those differences."
- GB, New Brunswick

"Wynne's gentle, compassionate probing and kind insights add up to a wonderful learning experience and a sense of belonging to this marvelous, expanding universe."
-MF, Vancouver

Feedback on Classes and Workshops

"Wynne's passion for astrology combined with her continuing study and research make her a skillful and enthusiastic teacher. Her classes are informative and interesting for both first-time and experienced students."
-PG, Nova Scotia

"All the women who attended Wynne’s workshop gave the session the highest possible rating and very positive evaluations. Wynne was very responsive to the needs of the participants while still covering as much of the material as possible. I would highly recommend Wynne as a knowledgeable yet down-to-earth presenter.”
 -Wendy Annand, Program Coordinator, Second Story Women’s Centre, Lunenburg NS

"As an astrology correspondence student of Wynne’s for six years, I appreciated her ability to explain ideas clearly in an upbeat and encouraging way. She is able to bring esoteric ideas into the sphere of everyday life in a down-to-earth manner so that understanding is gained and changes can be made. Being a graduate of the prestigious Faculty of Astrological Studies, Wynne has had the best possible training in astrology.”
-HR, Ontario